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Oy! How "riquiño" Ketódico is! :D

Puedes leer esta entrada en español pinchando aqui.

I think I have never told you about it, but if a want to give a walk, as I´m so tiny and if I go on my own I can´t go very far, I get myself into the handbag of the mum of the house where I live, looking all around the places where she goes to with lot of care so nobody can see me. :D

One of those days, she went with one of her sons to the Nómada Market, a market full of stands with people selling pins, clothing and gadgets they create.
They were giving a walk looking all around, and suddenly they stop by some precious little pictures hanged on the wall, and a sign on which the artist offered himself to do a portrait for a very appetizing price. No sooner said than done, the child, aged three by then, posed very happy for Ketódico. And this was the result. : D

When they got home, dad liked it so much that the following day they came back all together with her other son, so Ketódico could make another portrait to the little one and to the whole family.

Since he was able to hold a pencil he started drawing doodles that soon became characters. From childhood he was addicted to cartoons and was one of those little fortunate who his father put a TV in his room, and a Beta video also! On weekends he wake up early to watch cartoons, and he recorded on his videotape his favorite ones to watch them later. His superfather often showed ​​him Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Back to the future ... Also his father was guilty of his love to comics, because every Sunday brought him to a comic from Mortadelo, Zipi y Zape, Superlópez (Spanish characters from Bruguera editorial)... Later a When a comic shop opened near his home, and as soon as he get enough savings, there he was to buy one Spiderman, Xmen, Batman or another superhero comic.Dragon Ball arrived then on TV.

Ketódico always copied the drawings of his precious comics, and made the drawings on every corner, in his room furniture, under the coffee table, in textbooks, or any drawable surface. XD 

However, his vocation was to be an architect, but he didn´t get good grades to get into the university, so he started with computing. But his mother and sister knew that he had to draw. His sister had the good sense to sign up him to receive information from a drawing academy. As a result in 2003 he got the title of Senior Technical Animation in the Professional Drawing School.

Ketódico, actually works as a graphic designer and with telemarketing issues online, but also makes what he likes, illustrate, especially creating characters. Many of his ideas and sketches are reflected in countless books and several papers, which are then digitally retouched.

In 2004 began to appear in the streets of the Iberian Peninsula some sad little men in suits, the HombresGrises (GreyMen), one of the many characters created by him.

That same year another series of his colorful and super “riquiño” characters began to join funny T-shirts and precious posters, and that´s how another of his projects was born, called Experimental Mambo in the beginning and movi TolkyMonkys from 2007.

Experimental Mambo designs

Another thing I love from him are his gift posters custom-made with all the love in the world.

In 2007 his marvelous drawings gave him a great reward; he won an accesit in the illustration section from the prestigious Injuve Comic and Illustration Contest.
Of course, he doesn´t stop receiving commissions, like a for Eroski Supermarkets, the illustrations and animations for the child syrup “Inistolin” webpage or the characters designs for “59+” BBVA campaign, with José María Íñigo, Laura Valenzuela y Andrés Aberasturi, (very popular Spanish personalities).

Christmas book ilustration for Eroski Supermarket.

Inistolin child syrup ilustration. Click on this image to go to the webpage.
Elephant design for the 59+ BBVA campaign
José María Íñigo design for the 59+ BBVA campaign
By clicking here you can have a look to the 59+ BBVA campaign result.
One of his latest projects is “10 Primatoides”. Each Monday, Ketódico draws a primatoide, and each Friday Lute3d transforms it in a sculpture. :)

And this is it right now.
If you want to know more of his works here it is his webpage:

Click on this image to go to the webpage

I you want to show off some wear with his drawings, take your train tickets on a really cool wallet or even display your walls with a great poster, this is the place:

Click on this image to go to the webpage

And clicking in this mage you can become his facebook fan!!!! ;D

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