Friday, May 18, 2012

"Labyrinth" a tribute show to Jim Henson's movie

Puedes leer esta entrada en español aquí.

The 18th of June of 2012, will be opening the second online show at Susanita’s Little Gallery.
The subject will be the Jim Henson’s movie “Labyrinth”

20% of the sales will be donated to ALEPH-TEA, a nonprofit Association of public utility to improve the quality of life of children and youths affected by autism or disorder in the autism spectrum and their families, giving them educational, psychological and social support to face the numerous problems that this disability causes.

The image used for this poster is Betsy Bauer piece for this exhibition


Here you can have a preview of all the artworks together (but the Fran Bravo's artwork, supriseeeeeeeee). Yes, images are tiny, so you will have to wait to the openning to see them much better! ;D

You can’t miss it!

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