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I love Mary Blair!

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What a nice coincidence!

This space just started to go on the same day that Mary Blair, one of the most riquiña artist of all times, would be 100 years old, so I´m going to dedicate this entry to her and her wonderful illustrations. :)

Mary Browne Robinson was born a 21 of October from 1911 in a small city from Oklahoma State called McAlester. It was in 1931 that she received a scholarship in the Chouinard Art Institute, located in Los Angeles, where she met who will become her husband, Lee Blair. Thanks to this relationship she would introduce herself in the animated cartoon world, firstly replacing her husband (who started a new job at Disney Studios) in the animation department of Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios and later in 1940 she joins the Disney Studios.

It was in Disney Studios where she started to develop her extreme creativity. Her first project was done for a discarded sequence from the movie “Fantasia” (1940) called “Baby Ballet”, a performance of “Berceuse” from Chopin.

In 1941 she travelled to South America together with Walt Disney and some other members of his team to carry out studios for the shot movie “Saludos Amigos” (1942). Disney was so impressed by her art work that he decided to appointed her artistic director for this movie and the feature film sequel “The here Caballeros” (1944). Here is a documentary from 2008 about this experience called “Walt & El Grupo”.

In 1943 she created some watercolors for “the Lady and the Tramp” first project.

The following years she will be the artistic director from the studios main projects like “Make mine Music” (1946), “Song of the South” (1946), “Malody Time” (1948), “So dear to my heart” (1948) or “The adventures of Ichabod and Mr.Toad” (1949).

"Two Silhouttes" from "Make mine Music"
"Song of the South"

"Once in wintertime" from "Melody Time"
"So dear to my heart"
"The adventures of Ichabod and Mr.Toad"

In 1950 she conducted the art concept for the featured film "Cinderella".

In 1952 she surprised again with her creativity in "Alice in Wonderland".

In 1952 she realizes the concept art for "Little Blue Coupe" and "The Little House".

"Susie the Little Blue Coupe"

"The Litttle House"

Again in 1953 she shows of her talent to create the atmosphere and sets for “Peter Pan”.

Some other projects for Disney that have never been realized were “Penelope” (a time-traveler girl) and Don Quixote.

"Don Quixote"

Mary Blair left the Disney Studios after “Peter Pan” conception to develop personal projects. But that will be part of a following chapter that I have to dedicate to her. :D

This are a few of her available books:

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