Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hurray Maria!

Puedes leer esta entrada en español pinchando aqui.

Hi everyone one more day! :D

I´m coming today with a RIQUIÑA artist in capital letters, besides she is galleguiña (from Galicia), Maria Longa. I owe her my cute logo. XD

Maria was born in Vigo in 1974, and she grew up watching lot of tv, devouring lots of books and true-romance magazines (more glamorous on those days) and listening to the Beatles, Horacio Pinchadiscos (a puppet from a Spanish TV show) or whatever who was worthy. All of this nurtured her powerful imagination, so she needed to take it out from somewhere, so she decided to give free up to it with pencils and paintbrushes. In 1999 she had her degree in Design and Audiovisuals at Fine Arts in Pontevedra.

Maria looks like Arale (the robot girl from Dr. Slump) but in a ye-yé way. :D A little notebook goes with her everywhere and he lets her illustrate him with her crazy ideas, odd dreams or funny situations that happen to her that are worthy to be expressed.

On her illustrations you can appreciate her influences starting with Thelma Thumb (a Sesame Street cartoon), Ulises Wensell, Michael Ende and José Ramón Sanchez (the largely responsible that lots of children who grew up in the 80´s in Spain get involved on art), apart from lots of references from the 50`s, 60`s and 70`s such as the Bruguera cartoonist, Raf, Conti, Escobar or Peñarroya with his “Gordito Relleno”, the illustrators Fiep Westendrop, Miroslav Sasek, Mary Blair and the Bruno Bozzetto, Rankin Bass, Hannah Barbera o UPA animations.

Today she keeps living in Vigo and shares her main activity as graphic and web designer in a telecommunication company, with exhibitions and artistic projects in the field of Illustration, graphic design, etc.
Here you can have a look to the interactive Christmas card that she designed, even the funny texts, for the company she works for. Click over the image and enjoy.

Her Christmas campaign for the IT Solutions company Innova causes great expectation. Click over de image to see the animation. :)

She works with Poetas da Ostia (a poets collective), doing some posters, poetical art objects and live paintings.


Her last witticism is the “Milonguitos”, a everyday minipoems very funny. :D

And of course she is now getting ready my beautiful web. :D

Isn´t Maria a really RIQUIÑA artist?

Here you can know a bit more about her. ;D

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