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"Peter Pan & Wendy" and online tribute show to James Barrie's book

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The 24 of July of 2012, is the opening of the third online show at Susanita’s Little Gallery.
The subject was the James Barrie’s book “Peter Pan and Wendy”.

James Matthew Barrie was a writer born the 9th of May of 1860 in a burgh in Angus, Scotland, called Kirriemuir. Since he was a child he loved to write and to organize plays in which he used to act. Later he started to write articles in different newspapers. He also published his own novels and soon he became well known for his tales and theatrical plays. 

However, the character that gave him most popularity was Peter Pan. This character came up inspired by the five sons of the Llewelyn Davies family, to whom he met by chance in Kensignton Gardens in London, and from whom he will became his tutor when they were orphaned. 

First time he wrote about Peter Pan was in 1902 on the tale "The Little White Bird: or, Adventures in Kensington Gardens". In 1904 opened his successful play “Peter Pan or, The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up". Other titles with Peter Pan as the main character were “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens” (1906), "When Wendy Grew Up: An Afterthought" (1908), and the novel that most of us know and that was an adaptation of the 1904 play, “Peter and Wendy” (1911). "Peter Pan and Wendy" tells the adventures experienced by the Darling family little ones, Wendy, John y Michael, after an eventful visit of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. All together will flight to Neverland, where they will meet the Lost Boys, the pirates leaded by the fearful Captain Hook, the Mermaids and the Indians among other ones. In 1924 opened the film “Peter Pan”, a cinematographic jewel highly recommended. 

But it will be with the Walt Disney animated version from 1953, which our dear Mary Blair was the concept artist for, when the real rage for this character arrived. It is one of the most acclaimed films from the studios and today merchandising about it still being sold. 

In the following years prequels and sequels of the history where wrote (by other authors) and filmed, and in 2003 a new cinematographic adaptation of the original story saw the light. 

In 1929, J M Barrie donated the rights of Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), the first institution in the UK to offer inpatient care to children only. The children's classic has continued to benefit its patients ever since. The children's classic has continued to benefit its patients ever since.

20% of the sales will be donated to the London children´s hospital where James Barrie donated, the rights of his valued book about Peter Pan.

The image used for this poster is Mab Graves piece for this show


Here you can have a preview of the artworks. 

Yes, they are just small details, so if  you want to see the whole ones you will have to visit the show and the shop to see them much better! ;D

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