Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Juan Bauty, the illustrator dream.

Puedes leer esta entrada en español aquí.

First thing I saw and dazzled me from Juan Bauty was his avatar, a colorful portrait with a 50’s or 60’s style. So when I could have a look to his other artworks, I just confirm my first impression. :)

Juan Bauty was born in Barcelona in 1974, but he moved to Zaragoza, his actual city, in 1980. 

Since very little he picked his markers, and he didn’t dropped them until them couldn´t paint even helped with some alcohol drops. What really touched him as a child were the Brian Froud concept works for Jim Henson Movies “Dark Cristal” (1982) and “Labyrinth” (1986).

In 1994 he got the Graphic Design Fine Arts degree at the Zaragoza Applied Arts School. His mother used to tell hi: “Spielberg is not going to come to your room to give you a job”, so he took from that and started making a living collaborating between 1992 and 1995 with a few comics and fanzines like “La Noche del Caiman” (“Caiman Night” from wich he was also his foundator)and “Suburbio” (“Suburb”) and publishing from 1999 in the humor magazine “Mala Impresion” (“Bad Impression”).

Bestia-Rio page, appeared in the N 1 of "La Noche del Caimán"

In the year 2000 he decided to get into the Graphic Design business, and today still doing some commissions, like the lovely menu for “La Republicana” restaurant.

At least, in 2009 he illustrates his first book, “El vuelo de las luciérnagas” (“The Glowworms Flight”) from Ana Alcolea. Since then he could dedicated to what he really wanted to, ¡be an illustrator! :D


So he has done the drawings for some other books, “Máziel Spück y el Misterio del Cuadro" (“Maziel Spück and the Painting Mystery” 2009, Pepe Serrano), the 2010 edition from “La Chica del Átomo Dorado" (“The Girl in the Golden Atom” Ray Cummings) y de “Leyendas” (“Legends”) from Gustavo A. Bécquer.


 "Máziel Spück y el misterio del cuadro" sketches

Apart from that we could see his artwork in the cover of the number 289 of the cultural supplement “Artes & Letras” from “El Heraldo de Aragon” newspaper.

I want to particularly emphasize his participation, with some other illustrators, in the charity book “Ilustrando que es gerundio”, which benefits will go donated in full to the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER). It can be purchased for less than 18 Euros at the Blurb shop.

Click on the image to have a book preview.
He delight us continually experimenting and creating lots of really pleasant characters, from which I feel particularly curious about his original Lim, Lum and Lem and what his imagination will do with them. :D

Blu Martian

Cerdico de pueblo

Strong man

Sonata de Otoño

Sparky (Frankenweenie)

Punset tribute
One of his last projects is the great webcomic “Bat-Rat & Robird Adventures!” which started publishing weekly in June of 2011 and witch second chapter will be coming soon. 

Clik on the image to see the chapter number one.

 And if you want to know this artist in depth here you have his webpage:


You can follow him in his blog:

And by clicking in this picture you can become his fan:


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