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Marta Anaïs and her dear monsters.

Puedes leer esta entrada en español aquí.

I can’t think of Marta Anaïs without being in company of her colorful and loving monsters portrayed in oval canvas. :D

Mr. Ness

Marta Anaïs was born in Madrid, in the bosom of an artist family, a rainy 19 of November from 1979. She remembers to drawing since really little, and on top of that her parents instilled her love for art, especially for artists like El Bosco, Patinir or Brueghel The Elder. She grew up watching and admiring Hammer and Murnau films which marked her personal artwork subject matter.

As it was expected with such good influences, her studies pointed towards those tendencies. So in the year 200 she studied Graphic Design at the Nuevas Profesiones School, and by 2007 she get the Design and Photography degree at Fine Arts in Complutense University of Madrid. Recently she has giving lecures as collaborator teacher at this faculty, and right now she is doing the Thesis to get her doctorate.

But her work as an illustrator dates back to the 2004, when a Publisher contacted her to make some illustrations.
In 2007, and after a three years time working with computer graphics in the papers, she decided to put on one side this facet to get fully involved into her illustrations.

Computer graphics for "20 Minutos" newspaper
She started then an unstoppable career being part of Publishing companies like Susaeta, Bruño or Libsa , the textile design company Toc de Groc, the paper Publico, and lots more.

Illustration for Susaeta
Illustration for Toc de Groc
Illustrations for Bruño
Year after year, she designs the posters and some other merchandising for the Horror and Fantasy genre Cryptshow Festival, in which she works actively.

But I want to focus on her more personal artworks.
With no doubt, As I told at the beginning, Murnau cinema and the Hammer horror movies, have left a mark that is reflected on her artworks, besides authors like Moebius, Ralph Bakshi, or Cris Grimly, but sweetened with Burtonians influences.
With them, she proagonized and shared with some other artists several exhibitions.
Here you have some of them, so you can enjoy them. ;)

Retrato Oval
Mrs. Spider
Mister Franky
Miss Franky
Mr. Cthulhu
Mr. Kraken
Mad Doctor Mini

By the date of this article, she is doing illustrations for a Canadian Production Company, from which you can have a small sample. :)

If you want to find out more about Marta Anaïs artwork, do no hesitate to visit her web site:

Clik on the image to visit her web site

This is her blog to know about all her news:

Clik on the image to visit her blog

And here it is her facebook professional profile.:

Clik on the image to visit her profile

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